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Godsown International was started in 2007 to shape the future of various business in New Zealand.
Godsown International is a Kiwi owned business . If you have an idea to start a business, we will take it further ! Currently we manage SOFTVAPES LTD and REFUEL JO. We specialize in global eCommerce. We are planning more international brands to be setup in the near future to benefit both the economy and the people of New Zealand.

Right People for the Job

We bring together the right expertise

We are interested in your growth

We take care into listening what your needs and plans are in investing in New Zealand

We source it globally

Our experts at GodsOwn International source your products globally

Our Strength

If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Solution Expertise

Globalization Support

Execution Power

Development Capabilities

Tobacco vs E-cigarette

Nicotine Addiction and Your Health

Tobacco products are addictive because they contain nicotine. Learn how nicotine affects your body when you use it and when you quit.

No smoke smell

Electronic cigarettes do not emit that irritating smoke smell that sticks on your hair, clothes, walls and furniture.

Smoking and Your Health

Smoking affects more than your lungs. Learn how smoking can affect your body and cause cancer.

Freedom of Fragrance

Let your perfume or cologne be your signature scent, not stinky cigarette smoke. You exhale vapor, so you feel satisfied instead of smoked-out and smelly.

Tobacco Use and Fertility

Using tobacco products can affect your ability to conceive. Learn how it affects both male and female fertility.

Freedom to Be There

No more slipping out—and missing out—to smoke. Since e-cigs emit vapor instead of tar, ash and smoke, you can use them in many public places where tobacco cigarettes aren’t allowed.

Our Products

We are a E Cigarette online NZ Company that truly values some basic principles of integrity and honesty. From us you are able to buy the best E-Cigarette products, E-Liquids and E Cig Accessories in New Zealand.

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